Joe Scaraborough Tells Republicans To Learn From John McCain And Get Some Courage

MSNBC‘s Joe Scarborough remembered the late Sen. John McCain and expressed the hope that Republicans would learn from McCain’s example and get some courage to stand up to Trump.


Scarborough said, “My hope is, I know, obviously, like everybody else, I’m saddened for the family and all of the friends that Senator McCain had. And all he made through the years. But I am hopeful that, just knowing him, the little that I did over several decades. I think he would hope that others in his party would see his example. This is a guy who had the hell beaten out of him in captivity as a prisoner of war, who was given an opportunity to come home because of who his father was. And he refused to come home until it was his time to come home. Until he — his band of brothers who were in prison before him came home. If he could show that sort of courage, and show the courage he showed through his political the career, hopefully, that will serve as a great example to members of his party that need to show just a bit of that courage. With the crisis we find ourselves in right now.”

It would be great if Republicans were inspired by John McCain and got the courage to put their country first and stand up to Donald Trump. It would be amazing if one Republican in honor of McCain got Trump‘s tax returns or Republicans as a group passed a resolution to protect the Mueller investigation. There would be no better way for Senate Republicans to honor McCain’s memory than to defend America from the current attack being carried out on it by Russia.

John McCain understood the threat that both Russia and Donald Trump pose to democracy.

If Republicans really want to honor John McCain, they can begin by standing up to Trump.

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