Omarosa: ‘I’m Ready to Testify at Trump Impeachment Trial’

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman told Yahoo News in an interview Friday that she is ready to testify to Congress “anytime, anyplace” about what she knows about connections between President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

She also said she would be more than happy to be a witness at a Senate impeachment trial if that were to occur any time in the future.

“I have the truth on my side as well as a hundred emails and documents and other things,” said Omarosa in the interview.

“Omarosa: I’m ready to testify at Trump impeachment trial”

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When she was asked specifically about being a witness against the president in an impeachment trial, Omarosa replied: “I think I’ve made it very clear that I am fully willing and ready to testify, to cooperate, to help advance this investigation.”

She first revealed that she had information that would help the Russia investigation two weeks ago. It is certainly not surprising that so far there are no congressional committees that have sought her out to obtain her testimony. With Republicans in charge of Congress she will have a very long wait for this to happen.

She has claimed that she has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation for the last several months, but nobody knows what what incriminating evidence Manigault Newman may have in her possession. It is not clear that she can substantially help either the Mueller investigation or a possible impeachment trial. It’s possible she is just making statements that will garner her more publicity for her new book, which is now #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

On the last page of the book, called “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House” she alludes to more information she may possess that would be interesting to investigators.  On that page she wrote that in early 2018 she “received a call from the FBI.”

But since the book was published she has not revealed how she has cooperated with investigators, or what she has told them. She has not clarified at all what she can testify about concerning Trump’s knowledge of Russian assistance in his presidential campaign.

“I don’t want to compromise” Mueller’s probe, Omarosa told Yahoo News. She also said she wanted to include more details in her book but her publisher’s lawyers made her take them out.

If Democrats win back control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November it is very likely that somebody from Congress will give Omarosa a call to take her up on her offer to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial.

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