Trump Is Not Invited To John McCain’s Funeral

Last updated on September 26th, 2018 at 02:11 pm

John McCain asked George W. Bush and Barack Obama to deliver eulogies, and Donald Trump not to attend his funeral.


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CNN reported, “Something that apparently had begun over the last year. He had been planning for his services. Often discussing the plans with close friends who livered and visited his Arizona ranch. Two people close to McCain said he wanted three locations for services in Arizona, the National Cathedral in Washington and Annapolis. This is reporting from our Jeff Zeleny and as we’ve previously reported, he did not want president trump to be at his funeral and that apparently is a wish that he held true to the very end. He’s also asked that some of the eulogies at the funeral come from former presidents from Barack Obama as well as George W. Bush. The plans continue in the works for what happens next for John McCain, for his family.”

Trump is not invited to John McCain’s funeral

It is not surprising that McCain didn’t invite Trump to his funeral. Trump mocked McCain during the 2016 presidential campaign and has had nothing but contempt for the Senator since he single-handedly killed the Republican effort to kill Obamacare. Most recently, Trump wouldn’t even say McCain’s name at an event marking the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act that was named after John McCain.

If McCain was country first, Trump has been America last.

In one of his last acts in life, John McCain made it clear that the man who betrayed the country that he loved so much by conspiring with a hostile foreign power knew that he was not welcome at his funeral.

John McCain remained a patriot until the very end.

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