Former CIA Director Takes A Big Shot At Trump While Honoring John McCain

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden paid tribute to John McCain and included a shot a Trump by pointing out that McCain never thought that he should lose his security clearance.

Hayden tweeted:

What former director Hayden pointed out was the difference between a patriot, and an authoritarian wannabe fraud. McCain seemed to have his squabbles with everyone in Washington especially on the issues of defense and anti-terrorism, but the one common thread that has emerged is that there was a level of respect from McCain toward the people that he disagreed with.

John McCain didn’t tweet smears, insults, or try to hang dopey schoolyard nicknames on people. McCain‘s was no saint. His temper was legendary, but no one ever doubted his sincere love for his country.

Coming from a military family, McCain understood and respected institutions. Unlike Trump, he held the values of his country dear and knew that lines existed that one did not cross.

Unlike Trump, John McCain was someone that America could be proud of, which is why so many of the tributes to McCain contain jabs at a president who doesn’t measure up what the person leading the United States of America should be.

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