Hillary Clinton Shows The Class That Trump Will Never Have As She Remembers John McCain

Hillary Clinton remembered John McCain with a class and insight that Donald Trump will never possess.


Transcript via Meet The Press:

It was interesting the way he conducted himself in the Senate. He almost would go out of his way to find the Democrat that you would think is least likely to work with a Republican and try to forge a bond with them. Before you, it was Ted Kennedy. And it almost became a — legendary the way he would try to reach out.


Well, that’s because he did believe in the institution and he knows — he knew that the Senate couldn’t work if we didn’t work together. I think it was heartbreaking to him that — as he said in the speech he gave right before he voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act, that we need to cooperate. We need to learn how to trust each other again and do better to serve the people who elected us. And, you know, he was so typically John in those remarks because he said stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on radio and tv and the internet. To the hell with them, they don’t want anything done for the public good. He really understood in the marrow of his bones what it meant to be an American and how important it was for us to, yes, disagree and differ. But at the end of the day to come together, to work together, to trust each other to get things done. And he will be missed for many, many reasons Chuck but I think that example that he set of working across the aisle, but more than that working to bring people together here at home and around the world is one we should remember.

Hillary Clinton delivered the sort of remarks that one would expect of a president. Notice that her memories of John McCain didn’t fit in a tweet, and got to the deeper meaning of what McCain stood for in American politics. Trump is incapable of showing that sort of depth and intellect. Just think, 80,000 votes in three states in a different direction, and it is Hillary Clinton speaking about John McCain as president while Donald Trump tweets empty words from a golf course.

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