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Jealous Trump Tries To Hijack John McCain Coverage With Tweets About Clinton And The FBI

Trump can’t handle all the media coverage of Sen. John McCain‘s death, so he is off in his Twitter corner retweeted Hillary Clinton and FBI conspiracies along with giving himself credit for the economy.

Here are two of his own tweets that Trump retweeted:

Trump‘s desperate look at me message could not be more clear. It is bad enough that the White House still has not released an official statement about the death of Sen. McCain, but Trump is talking about retweeting his old stuff and pretending like McCain’s death on Saturday didn’t happen.

The tributes and remembrances of McCain are driving Trump crazy. John McCain is being treated like what he was, an American hero. Trump knows that he will never get this kind of national outpouring of emotion on his behalf and he can’t stand it. Trump announced his contempt for McCain often and frequently, and he is such a small and petty man that at a time when he is supposed to be leading the country, Donald Trump won’t recognize the passing of someone who was respected, even when not agreed with, by all.

John McCain was everything that Donald Trump will never be, and that is why the jealous president is trying so hard to take attention away from McCain’s passing.

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