Adam Schiff Drops One Damning Stat That Shows Republicans Are Covering For Trump’s Crimes


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, dropped one damning stat on Monday to show how Republicans are covering up Donald Trump‘s crimes.

According to the Democratic congressman, Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy –  the chairman of the House Oversight Committee – hasn’t issued a single subpoena to investigate any of the many credible allegations of incompetence and criminal corruption during the Trump administration. Zero.

“They have just been utterly unwilling to do their jobs,” Rep. Schiff said. “It’s really quite breathtaking.”



The exchange between Rep. Schiff and Chris Hayes:

SCHIFF: There are a great many serious allegations of impropriety (on the part of the president). And Chris, all you need to know about the current GOP congress’s unwillingness, complete abdication of any oversight responsibility, you can tell from a single statistic. And that is the chairman of the government oversight and reform committee, Trey Gowdy, who brought us the endless Benghazi investigations, hasn’t issued a single subpoena during the Trump administration to investigate any allegations of incompetence or corruption within the Trump administration. They have just been utterly unwilling to do their jobs.

HAYES: He really hasn’t issued one?

SCHIFF: Not one that I’m aware of, no. It’s really quite breathtaking. But it is a sign, and we certainly see it on the intelligence committee, where the only subpoenas they seemed intent on issuing were to investigate the investigators.

Democrats plan to do the job Republicans have failed to do

Republican refusal to investigate anything having to do with Trump‘s corruption has become increasingly noticeable in recent weeks, particularly as Trump and his family become implicated in more crimes.

Last week, the president’s personal attorney literally stood in a court of law and admitted that he committed a federal crime at the direction of Donald Trump.

Fortunately, if Democrats retake the House of Representatives in November, they plan to act as a check on the executive branch – especially one as corrupt as Trump‘s.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted on Sunday, Democrats are expected to investigate more than 100 areas related to Trump‘s corruption, including his tax returns, his family businesses and his dealings with Russia.

For over a year and a half, the GOP has actively worked to prevent serious investigations. They’ve done nothing but provide cover for Trump. The American people appear eager to change that in November.

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