Fox Guest Says All Americans Are At Risk of Being Targeted by Mueller

Attorney Alan Dershowitz argued on Monday that all Americans are at risk of being targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller. In so doing he accomplished two of the biggest goals of right-wing media:

  1. He undermined the credibility of law enforcement officials, such as the FBI and the Department of Justice, and
  2. He furthered the idea that there is a conspiracy being run to harm Donald Trump and his associates, who have done nothing wrong.

During an interview with Dershowitz on Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade said that President Donald Trump is being targeted and attacked unfairly, as shown by the many investigations into his campaign, into his business dealings, and into his charitable foundation.

Apparently Dershowitz and Kilmeade believe that numerous violations of federal and state laws, and even violations of the U.S. Constitution, are no big deal. They seemed to imply that Trump’s violations could happen to anybody if prosecutors looked long and hard enough at their business dealings. And therefore all of the investigations are being run by Trump’s political enemies who are seeking to hurt him because they don’t like him.

(Remember that earlier in the summer Dershowitz gave his legal opinion that that, as president, Donald Trump is above the law and can legally obstruct justice.)

In this morning’s show Kilmeade asked:

“I’m looking at this and I’m asking myself, why? Why do you need to get to the bottom of this now? All those things were good or bad before he ran. This is an attack on a president because you don’t like him. Why is that allowed?”

Dershowitz immediately agreed, saying:

“There’s no doubt about that. They have targeted the president, they have targeted his business… The vulnerability is in the business and they have targeted. They have said, ‘Look, we’ve known about Mr. Trump’s business dealings for years. We’ve never looked into them. But now, we’re going to start looking into them.’”

“If you look deeply into any complicated business, you’re going to find a loan somewhere in which income is overstated, liabilities are understated.”

At that time another brilliant “expert” from Fox & Friends chimed in, when co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy asked:

“What happens to our republic? We are criminalizing political differences. We’re weaponizing government. What’s the outcome for us as a people?”

Dershowitz responded by saying:

“The biggest crime you can commit in America today is to be associated with Donald Trump. They’re going to Manafort you, they’re going to Cohen you. They’re going to do all of these things to you.”

He then warned that “any businessman running for office could expect a legal colonoscopy.”

“It’s targeting people!” Dershowitz shouted. “And if they can target President Trump, they can target you, they can target anyone. That’s the problem.”

Actually the problem is people like Dershowitz who think that Donald Trump should be able to get away with committing numerous crimes simply because he is president. There is a conflict between Fox News and the rest of the world, but there is no doubt that in the end it is the prosecutors who will have the last say in the matter.