John McCain’s Final Message Is To Never Quit And Never Surrender Our Country To Trump

John McCain chose to quote from his 2008 concession speech in his last message to the American people, as he wanted us to all to remember that we are Americans and we don’t quit or surrender to the Russians and Trump.

Here is John McCain‘s final letter to America:

John McCain wants us to remember what unites the country in the face of those who are trying divide

America doesn’t quit. America doesn’t surrender when it has a corrupt president who appears to be working in the service of a hostile foreign power. McCain wanted to remind everyone to never surrender to those who seek to divide us or compromise the American ideal. Patriots aren’t red or blue. They are red, white, and blue. McCain even referenced to hiding behind walls, which could be viewed as a rejection of the Trump isolationism and desire to wall America in along the Southern border.

If Donald Trump was a president who was trying to unite America, maybe the American people could unite behind the president, but Trump is insisting on promoting tribalism and division.

John McCain‘s last words to the nation that he loved were a plea to reject this division and stand together to make history.

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