Nicolle Wallace Calls Trump A Troll Not A Political Rival Of John McCain

On MSNBC‘s Deadline: White House, host Nicolle Wallace said that unlike George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Trump was never a political rival to John McCain. Trump was just a troll.


Wallace said, “It’s telling that John McCain chose two of his former political rivals to eulogize him. George W. Bush with whom he duked it out in the GOP primary in 2000 and Barack Obama who he faced in the 2008 presidential campaign. McCain’s choice creates a contrast so stark it takes one’s breath away. Donald Trump was never even a political rival of McCain’s. Trump simply trolled the one-time prisoner of war claiming he didn’t like P.O.W.S who didn’t get captured.”

Trump has never risen to the level of a respected statesman. McCain was a respected statesman. George W. Bush, even through his bungled second term in office was still treated with the respect of the office. Obama was a statesman as a Senator and a President. Donald Trump has never been and never could have been a rival to John McCain. McCain’s rivals were serious people with whom he had disagreements and mutual respect.

Donald Trump hates John McCain because McCain was everything that Trump will never be.

Trump is a troll, and trolls don’t get invited to the funerals of American heroes.

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