The White House Tried To Hold An Intervention For Trump Before He Destroys Himself

The White House tried to invite Donald Trump‘s New York friends to hold an intervention because they are worried about the out of control president destroying himself.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported, “After Michael Cohen’s plea deal last week, Donald Trump spiraled out of control, firing wildly in all directions. He railed against ‘flippers’ in a rambling Fox & Friends interview, and lashed out on Twitter at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department, and Robert Mueller. In the wake of his outbursts, White House officials have discussed whether Trump would listen to his closest New York City friends in an effort to rein him in. Two sources briefed on the matter told me that senior officials talked about inviting Rudy Giuliani and a group of Trump’s New York real-estate friends including Tom Barrack, Richard LeFrak, and Howard Lorber to the White House to stage an “intervention” last week. “It was supposed to be a war council,” one source explained. But Trump refused to take the meeting.”

Trump has come totally unglued

All of the scandals have gotten to Trump. He has rejected any sane advice and is using the power of the presidency to nurse his grievances and take action against his imagined enemies. Trump isn’t listening to anyone. He is a one-man band of a presidency, and his decisionmaking, which was never good, is getting worse by the day.

Trump is campaigning for Jeff Sessions to resign as attorney general so that he can appoint someone who will shut down the Mueller investigation. He has refused to acknowledge and hush money payments because he is afraid of his wife, and he is so consumed by all of his various scandals that he isn’t even trying to govern, which raises the question, is anyone running the United States of America right now?

Donald Trump has been in over his head, since the day that he announced his presidential campaign. The presidency is the worst that could have ever happened to Trump, his family, his associates, and the American people. Trump isn’t two years into his term, but this feels like the beginning of the end.

Trump is a three outcome president. He is going to be impeached, resign, or run out of office after a single failed term.

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