One Look From Rachel Maddow Says It All As Trump Has Consulted His Lawyers About Impeachment

Rachel Maddow gave viewers a raised eyebrows look that spoke volumes as she read from a Washington Post story about Trump consulting his lawyers about impeachment proceedings.


Maddow read, “The president and his advisers are discussing adding veteran attorney Abby Lowell to the legal team if impeachment or fights with Congress emerge after the mid-term elections. Trump recently consulted his personal attorneys about the likelihood of impeachment proceedings.”

She then gave viewers this look:

trump impeachment maddow

Presidents Don’t Consult Their Lawyers About Impeachment, Unless They’ve Done Something To Be Impeached

George W. Bush and Barack Obama never had to call their lawyers up and say hey, tell me about this impeachment thing. Those presidents despite the criticism that they received from their opposition were never in danger of being impeached. The reason why Maddow gave that look as she read about Trump consulting his lawyers on impeachment is that it is not normal for presidents to have to call up their lawyers about impeachment.

Rachel Maddow’s expression said it all

There is something very very wrong here. Trump isn’t loading up on qualified lawyers and staff. He is alternating between tantruming when impeachment is mentioned and calling his lawyers to find out what the odds are of him being impeached. It is a crazy situation and one that has left the Republican president unprepared for the Democratic steamroller that is heading straight for him.

If Democrats take back the House, American politics could get intense really fast.

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