Joe Biden’s Eulogy Of John McCain Contained A Stinging Indictment Of Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden‘s eulogy of John McCain never mentioned Trump‘s name, but still contained a stinging indictment of Trump‘s character and the kinds of politics that he practices.


Biden said:

John came from a different age, live by an ancient antiquated code where honor, courage, integrity, duty, that was how John lived his life. The truth is John’s code was ageless. Is ageless. When you talked earlier, grant, you talked about values. It wasn’t about politics with John. He could disagree on substance, but it was the underlying values that animated everything John did. Everything he was. You could come to a different conclusion, but where he’d part company with you is if you lacked the basic values of decency, respect.

Knowing that this project is bigger than yourself. John’s story is the American story. That’s not hyperbole. It’s the American story. Grounded in respect and decency. Basic fairness. The intolerance through the abuse of power. Many of you have traveled the world. Look how the rest of the world recently looks at us. They look at us a little naive. We are so fair. We’re so decent. We’re the naive Americans. But that’s who we are. That’s who John was. And he could not stand the abuse of power. Wherever he saw it, in whatever form, in whatever country.

It was always about basic values with John. Fairness, honesty, dignity, respect. Giving hate no safe harbor. Leaving no one behind. And understanding as Americans, we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. With John, it was a value set that was neither selfish nor self-serving. John understood that America was first and foremost an idea. Audacious and risking. Organized around not tribe, but around ideals. Think of how he approached every issue. The ideals that Americans have rallied around for over 200 years.

Joe Biden’s description of John McCain’s beliefs said it all

John McCain’s belief in honor, courage, integrity, and American ideals used to be common among American political leaders. It used to be called public service, or doing the right thing.

When people try to put into words what has been lost the last decade or so in American politics, it’s that there are fewer elected officials who are interested in putting country ahead of self. There are fewer idealists in government and more people who are, like Trump, only interested in themselves.

Joe Biden mentioned that McCain could not stand the abuse of power, while the current occupant of the White House is rewriting the book on presidential abuse of power.

Donald Trump‘s name wasn’t mentioned, but it didn’t have to be. With one of his last acts in life, John McCain delivered a warning about Trump to the American people with the memorial service that he planned for the world to see.

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