MSNBC Destroys Trump’s Claim That His White House Is A Smooth Running Machine

MSNBC‘s Velshi and Ruhle didn’t let Trump get away with claiming that his White House is operating like a smooth running machine.


Trump tweeted:

Stephanie Ruhle said, “All of this is happening, the president is saying this is the media going after me. The White House is being run like a smoothly run machine. All three of us know from our contacts inside the White House

Ali Velshi, That that’s not true.

Ruhle continued, “Who oddly don’t want to return my call today because they don’t want to talk about this tweet. Are your contacts responding to this with a straight face? The only smooth running machine similar to what Trump is talking about is Tesla right now.”

NBC White House reporter Geoff Bennett said, “People in the know say that top flight, white-shoe attorneys are not beating down the door of this White House, flooding the West Wing with resumes trying to represent the White House or the president for all of the reasons that Joyce Vance points out. They also know that the president has a reputation for not listening to his lawyers. That’s what accounts for the first shakeup of the president’s outside legal team. Add to that what the president said today on Twitter about Don Mcgahn suggesting Don McGahn was ousted. in the tweet he said regarding my decision on Mr. Mcgahn. I had to check with a White House official who said no, what the president was referring to was accepting the terms McGahn’s departure which was an open secret for weeks, if not months, so we have it confirmed again that Mcgahn was not ousted and is living on his own volition.”

Trump’s smooth running machine myth is a joke

One suspects that when Trump says smooth running machine, he is referring to himself. When White House sources don’t return phone calls because they can’t answer Trump‘s claims with a straight face, that is not a smooth running machine. Trump‘s fake news smokescreen can’t stop the press from reporting that his White House is totally dysfunctional.

Barack Obama’s administration was a smooth running machine, for the most part. No administration is perfect, but the no drama Obama White House kept things moving, was on message, and got the job done.

Like the gold plating that Trump throws on all of his poorly constructed buildings, the president is using the words smooth running machine to slap a coat of competence on an incompetent administration.

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