MSNBC Gives Trump’s Unhinged Indiana Rally Zero Minutes Of Live Coverage

MSNBC carried on its commitment to covering actual news on Thursday by devoting a total of zero minutes of the network’s live coverage to Donald Trump‘s hate rally in Indiana.

Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow both cut to video footage of the rally, but they didn’t air the audio of Trump spewing from the podium.

While the network reported on a series of more important topics, including the new developments related to Trump-Cohen payoffs and John McCain‘s funeral, Trump was doing his usual drunk-man-sitting-at-the-end-of-the-bar routine in Indiana.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump rally without chants of “Lock her up!” – all while Robert Mueller and the nation’s courts pick off those in the president’s inner circle one by one.

Trump also bragged about the rough way undocumented immigrants are thrown “the hell out” of the country.

Trump is no longer getting the coverage he wants

This is a president who demands attention and ratings, but outside of his Fox News bubble, he’s no longer getting it. Instead, the media has moved on from covering every incoherent syllable that leaves his mouth.

As Jason Easley wrote last week, “The free press is protecting the country by refusing to give Trump’s lie-filled presidency the oxygen that it needs to spread propaganda and half-truths to a majority of a nation that is ready to toss Trump out.”

At a time when Trump needs favorable coverage more than ever – with scandals and competence bringing down his presidency – the media is refusing to give it to him.

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