Al Sharpton Got A Standing Ovation At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral When He Called Out Trump’s Disrespect

Rev. Al Sharpton got a standing ovation at Aretha Franklin‘s funeral when he called out Trump‘s disrespect for the Queen of Soul.


Sharpton said, “We thank her for what she did with Dr. King. We thank her for what she had done with Reverend Jackson. We thank her for what she’s done with all of us. That is why, on Sunday on my show I misspelled “Respect” and a lot of y’all, a lot of y’all corrected me. Now I want y’all to help me correct president trump, to teach him what it means. And I say that because when word had went out that Ms. Franklin passed, Trump said ‘She used to work for me.’ No, she used to perform for you. She worked for us. Aretha never took orders from nobody but God.”

Trump dissrespected Aretha Franklin

Trump’s first comment after hearing the news that Aretha Franklin had passed away was to tell the world that she used to work for him. A human being that can’t be touched by the power of music has no soul, so it isn’t only that Trump has no soul, he also lacks respect for others.

Donald Trump didn’t view Aretha Franklin as a one of a kind artist the likes of which we may never see again. Trump didn’t appreciate Franklin’s work on civil rights and her lifetime of activism. Aretha Franklin wasn’t a person in Trump‘s eyes, but a talent who was purchased for his amusement.

Rev. Sharpton’s rebuke drew a standing ovation because Trump‘s disrespect needs to be answered. Aretha Franklin would never have taken Trump‘s disrespect, and an entire country is preparing to stand up do what Franklin did in 1967 and demand respect.