How the National Enquirer Scandal ‘Substantiates’ the Steele Dossier

As more news comes out about how much information National Enquirer CEO David Pecker kept locked up in his vault about Donald Trump, the speculation is increasing that he had proof of some of the wilder claims made about Trump.

For example, yesterday we published an article discussing how “the vault” of information about Trump may include details of the women Trump impregnated in his extramarital affairs — and then paid off to have abortions.

It is thought that Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors have the details of what was in Pecker’s vault in their possession. The question is: what are they going to do with this potentially explosive information?

In a discussion on MSNBC last night another aspect of the information in Pecker’s vault came to light: the ability it has to verify, substantiate and corroborate information that is included in the dossier created by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele.

Ever since the release of the bombshell Steele dossier, the media has been working to feverishly to figure out how much of it is true.

In May we published an article about an interview with

former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who said that most of the claims in the infamous “Steele dossier” have proven to be true.

The dossier alleges that Donald Trump was blackmailed into working for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who later helped his “asset” Trump become president.

As MSNBC host Chris Hayes said last night, “Blackmail is at the center of the Steele dossier.”

Hayes then suggested that the media reports on Trump’s close relationship with Pecker confirm the idea that Donald Trump was very susceptible to blackmail because of his long past of misbehavior that he wants to keep secret.

“The idea of Trump being blackmailed is not at all far-fetched,” Hayes said. “In fact, it already exists.”

His guest, Natasha Bertrand agreed that Trump was extremely susceptible to blackmail.

“This is potentially the most blackmail-able president in United States’ history,” Bertrand said. “The fact that the National Enquirer had decades of information about his affairs, his children, about even Melania, speaks volumes about the president’s life and all of the shady things he did throughout his career—many of which, most of which, perhaps all of which—he never faced real consequences for.”

Bertrand also pointed out that the relationship between Pecker and Trump actually can help verify two important elements in the Steele Dossier.

“This substantiates two big claims in the dossier,” she said. “The first , of course, is that Michael Cohen was President Trump’s fixer in all things related to Russia. Just as he was the fixer in relation to burying stories about Trump’s extramarital affairs, he was also, according to the dossier, his fixer in burying the story of the Trump campaign’s conspiracy with Russia to win the election. He was alleged to have paid off the hackers and to have kinda cleaned the whole thing up after the election.”

According to Bertrand, the second dossier element substantiated now concerns Trump’s great reluctance to acknowledge his many sexual relationships with women during his marriage to Melania.

“Trump is a little bit more skittish about his extramarital affairs becoming public than a lot of us have been led to believe,” she said. “There’s always this theory that perhaps the president wouldn’t care if news came out that prostitutes peed on a bed in Moscow to because he hated President Obama and wanted to defile the bed he slept on… Now we know that Trump has gone to great lengths to hide these details of his personal life, and it really makes you wonder that if those salacious details in that dossier are true, what lengths have the president gone to to keep the Russians from exposing them?”

While Trump has asked the Chief Justice of the United States to intervene in the dossier case, and investigate the FBI and Department of Justice, facts are coming out which show that at least parts of the dossier can be proven true with corroborative evidence.

Increasingly Donald Trump looks, acts, and tweets like the desperate man that he is.

The clock is ticking on his presidency, and Trump can hear it loud and clear.