Mueller Stands Strong As Trump Attacks Backfire

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is in line with other recent polling that shows Trump‘s attacks on Mueller are backfiring.

The Washington Post reported:

63 percent of Americans support Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, with 52 percent saying they support it strongly; 29 percent oppose the probe.

Opinions on Mueller’s work also break down on partisan lines, with 61 percent of Republicans opposing the probe but an even larger 85 percent of Democrats expressing support. Among independents, however, a two-thirds majority of 67 percent back the investigation.

Trump has complained that Manafort was treated unfairly by Mueller’s prosecutors, and after a jury convicted Manafort earlier this month the president tweeted that he felt “very badly” for him.

But 67 percent of Americans think Mueller’s case against Manafort was justified, while 17 percent say it was unjustified, according to the poll.

The American people also oppose pardoning Manafort by a more than 3-1 margin.

Trump’s Shrinking Republican Party Is All That He’s Got Left

Trump’s disapproval rating has risen to 60%. Not only are Democrats and Independents strongly against him, but the number of Republicans appears to be shrinking. Trump may be hitting the Republican Party with a double whammy. He is shrinking the size and potential appeal of the Republican Party while strengthening the political opposition to the GOP.

To Impeach or Not To Impeach

There appears to be a 3-6 point range on the impeachment question. The recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll found that 44% of Americans said that the House should consider impeaching Trump, and 47% said that they shouldn’t consider impeachment.

In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, 49% favor impeachment and 46% do not.

It is not a clear question yet for the American people, but one report from Robert Mueller could change the polling.

Trump has thrown every attack possible at Robert Mueller, but Mueller is still standing strong in the eyes of most Americans because Trump is reaching a very small, in terms of the size of the country, group of supporters. Trump‘s message is being rejected by most of America, which is great news for democracy, and a nightmare for Donald Trump.

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