Obama And Clinton Sit Front Row At McCain Memorial While Uninvited Trump Tantrums On Twitter


As late Sen. John McCain‘s memorial service began in Washington D.C. on Saturday morning, Donald Trump – who was not invited –  tweeted conspiracy theories about the Russia investigation, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In a series of tweets, the president quoted his favorite right-wing protectors to substantiate his ridiculous claims that FBI and Justice Department are corrupt and that Obama and Clinton spied on his campaign.

One of Trump‘s tweets cited frequent Fox News guest and right-wing blowhard Dan Bongino, who claimed the increasingly validated “dossier is fake” and that it was only used as a tool by “Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton” to spy on Trump.


Meanwhile, at this hour,  Obama and Clinton are among those seated in the front row at the McCain memorial service that Trump was barred from attending.

Trump, unable to keep his mouth shut and let the nation mourn, went off on Twitter as the memorial service began:

The president can’t just keep his mouth shut

Forget the factual discrepancies for a moment. We have heard this nonsense before, and it’s likely we will hear it again. But no matter how many times he spews it, it won’t suddenly become true.

The president knows his presidency is on the verge of collapse – and he also understands that focusing on a hero like John McCain will only further reflect poorly on him – so he can’t help but try to seize the attention.

As the nation mourns the loss of an American hero in his own backyard on Saturday, Donald Trump just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

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