Kamala Harris Just Destroyed Republicans With Two Words: Merrick Garland

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) responded to Republican claims that they won the election and can do whatever they want by saying the name Merrick Garland.


Sen. Harris was asked on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes about the Republican attitude that they won and can do whatever they want.

She said in response, “Barack Obama won the election, and he nominated Merrick Garland, and they obstructed the ability of that elected president to nominate and have a meaningful hearing on his nominee to the United States Supreme Court, so it lacks merit, that allegation, and it is an empty point at least applied to the Republicans who were presented by a nominee by the president of the United States, and that nominee was Merrick Garland, and they wouldn’t give him an interview, and one on meetings, much less a meeting.”

Kamala Harris Was Right

Sen. Kamala Harris was right. Because of the way that they treated Merrick Garland, Senate Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on with their complaints. Republicans can’t complain that Democrats are protesting their nominee and trying to get his hearing postponed when they would not allow a vote on President Obama’s nominee nearly a year before the presidential election.

Democrats haven’t forgotten Merrick Garland, and when the day comes when Democrats once again control the Senate, Republicans will pay for their obstruction of Garland and rushing of Kavanaugh.

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