Sen. Richard Blumenthal Looks Brett Kavanaugh In The Eye And Tells Him To Postpone The Hearing

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) urged Brett Kavanaugh to call for a postponement of his confirmation hearings because all documents haven’t been provided and his nomination is tainted by Trump’s crimes.


Sen. Blumenthal said, in part:

I join in the request that has been made of you that you show the initiative and ask for a postponement on these hearings. I think that this process has been a grave disservice to you, as well as the committee and the American people. If you are confirmed after this truncated and concealed process, there will always be a taint. There will always be an asterisk after your name, appointed by a president named as an unindicted co-conspirator after the vast request for documents in the most constructive period of his life were conceal and the question is always going to be why was all of that material concealed. You have coached and you’ve mentored judges in going through the process. You are as sophisticated and knowledgeable as anyone who will ever come before us as a judicial nominee, so you know that we have an obligation to inquire as to everything that can be relevant. It is not the numbers of documents, but it is the percentage.

There were no e-mails when justice Ginsburg was the nominee. The documents that we have been provided contain duplicates, and full of junk. We need everything that is relevant including the three years that you served in the Bush White House as staff secretary. The most instructive period of your professional career.

So let me conclude by saying that what we share, I think is a deep respect and reverence for the United States supreme court. I was a law clerk, as you were. I have argued cases before the court, and most of my life has been spent in the courtroom, as a U.S. Attorney or attorney general, and the power of the supreme court depends not only armies or police force, because it has none, but the credibility, and the trust and the confidence of the American I ask you the help us to uphold the trust by asking this committee to suspend this hearing and come back when we have a full picture with the full sunlight that our chairman is so fond of espousing, so that we can fully and fairly evaluate your nomination.

The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Should Not Be Happening

There are a wide variety of reasons why these hearings should not be happening. At the top of the list is that Trump has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in several felonies. Trump is also under a cloud of investigation in the Russia scandal. Hundreds of thousands of pages of Kavanaugh documents have not been turned over for review.

Sen. Blumenthal was correct. This is a sham process, that is an embarrassment to the US Senate. Keep in mind as you watch this insult unfold that, just like presidents, Supreme Court justices can also be impeached.