Former GOP Chairman Calls On Republicans To Have Immediate Hearings On Trump’s Instability

Former chairman for the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, said that if the GOP cares about the future of America, they should hold immediate hearings on Donald Trump’s fitness to be president of the United States.

Steele’s response comes after a senior Trump White House official anonymously penned a stunning op-ed in The New York Times calling the president unstable and unfit.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out a short time ago,  the senior official even revealed that there have been discussions within the administration about using the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office.

According to Steele, however, the remedy for such an unprecedented development is for Republicans to hold hearings and conduct investigations on what’s going on inside this White House.

“If [Republicans] take the bull by the horn and they lead on this on the heels of McCain’s words from the grave … it will have a profoundly important impact on how we go forward,” the former RNC chair said.


Steele said:

So what is the remedy? But here’s the politics of this. The remedy is hearings. Now, it’s one thing if those hearings and investigations or concerns are elicited and expressed by Republicans. It’s something different if the Democrats win the House this fall and next year they do it, because it somehow will be less legitimate if they do it. It somehow will be less authentic if they do it because it’s stuck in this quagmire of politics. Republicans, who are the governing majority of this country, if they take the bull by the horn and they lead on this on the heels of McCain’s words from the grave, if you will, on the heels of this op-ed, take to heart the warnings that are being placed out there and begin to inquire publicly about what is going on inside the White House, it will have a profoundly important impact on how we go forward.

Republicans must take immediate action

It isn’t just Democratic critics or the Never Trumpers in the Republican Party who are now questioning the president’s fitness to be in the White House. Those closest to the president – senior officials who work with him on a daily basis – are now sounding the alarm.

Today’s op-ed in the New York Times isn’t an outlier. It confirms what countless accounts have already concluded: that Trump is unstable and dangerous.

If this Republican Congress wants to be on the right side of history, they have to start fulfilling their obligation to be a check on an out-of-control executive branch. They must start putting country first – before it’s too late.

Like Hillary Clinton repeatedly said during the campaign, Donald Trump isn’t fit to be president of the United States. After seeing that in action every day for the past 19 months, it’s time to act.

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