Nancy Pelosi Is Confident of Victory and Has Her Agenda Ready

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:47 pm

Former Speaker of the House (and current Democratic House Leader) Nancy Pelosi of California is increasingly confident that there will be a Blue Wave election in November.

Pelosi made comments on Tuesday expressing her confidence after a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showed voters by a margin of 14 percentage points favor Democrats over Republicans in the generic congressional ballot. The poll also said that 60 percent of voters wanted Democrats to take over Congress and hold President Donald Trump accountable for his actions. This large majority said they were not in favor of Republicans staying in power where they would further the president’s agenda.

On Tuesday Pelosi sent a letter to her House Democratic colleagues that they “must Be Ready for the prospect that we will be in the Majority in January.” So she is feeling good and trying to fire up her team with just two months until the midterm elections that will decide whether or not she will become the Speaker of the House again.

Pelosi indicated in her communication that the Democratic chairs of all House committees will be drafting bills that reflect the party’s “For the People” campaign agenda, which is their slogan for this election cycle. She said the new legislation will emphasize controlling and reducing healthcare costs, increasing workers’ wages, and cleaning up the corrupt Washington D.C. environment.

Pelosi sent out her letter on the same day that she did an NPR interview where she did not hold back on her expectations for November. She said that she has “every confidence” that Democrats will reclaim the House majority that will put them in back in control.

This did not mean she was over confident, however, saying that her positive expectations are “not because I’m taking anything for granted, but because we’re not yielding one grain of sand.”

The #2 Democrat in the House, Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, also said that he is “pretty confident” that Democrats will return to power in the House after the midterms.

“All the signs that I have seen are very, very positive,” Hoyer said. He made clear that the signs he’s referring to are the very high quality of Democratic candidates, unusually strong fundraising totals for congressional candidates, and increasingly positive national polling for Democrats in a wide variety of polls.

With two months until election day it is unusual for Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer to express such confidence that they will win. They are supported by the evidence to date, but we are also concerned that Democratic candidates keep working hard in every swing district to make sure that Pelosi’s confidence is well-founded.

Right now the majority of American voters have a dream — a dream of Republicans being thrown out of power, and of Donald Trump being held accountable for his crimes. And it is very important that all Democrats not lose sight of the amount of hard work that must take place between now and November 6th to make this dream a reality.


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