Trump Is Flipping Out And Leading A White House Witch Hunt To Find Out Who Talked To Bob Woodward

Trump is blowing a gasket over Bob Woodward’s new book and is leading a witch hunt against his own staff to find out who talked to Woodward.

CNN reported:

As the President publicly fumes on Twitter, he’s privately on a mission to determine who did — and didn’t — talk to Woodward, CNN has learned. Two officials who have spoken directly to the President say he is pleased with the denials offered by chief of staff John Kelly and Defense Secretary James Mattis.


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The search for leakers inside the administration contrasts with the White House’s defense that the book was fueled by “disgruntled employees,” offered by press secretary Sarah Sanders and others.

One source close to the White House said people inside the administration are “frustrated because they know it’s true.”

Trump’s behavior confirms the stories in Woodward’s book

If the stories were false and told to Bob Woodward by disgruntled employees as the White House claims, the president would be running around trying to find out who spoke to one of the most decorated reporters in American history. The White House has tried to discredit Woodward, and it speaks to the height of their foolishness that they would try such an absurd tactic. Woodward isn’t perfect, but he gets good information and has a track record of success that gives him credibility. If the stories in the book were not true, Trump wouldn’t be melting down and trying to figure out who talked.

While Trump is playing idiot Columbo, who is running the country

When Trump goes off one of these paranoid expeditions, the question becomes who is running the country? It isn’t Donald Trump who spends nearly all of his time watching Fox News, tweeting, and cuddling with his paranoia. The United States doesn’t have a president right now. It has a former petty criminal who pulled off the biggest score of his life and is not waiting to get busted.

There are roughly 12,942 things that a president could be doing that would be more productive for the country than what Trump is up to. As Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly said in Woodward’s book, “We’re in crazy town,” so it is time for America to fire up our political Google Maps and get ourselves the heck out of here because Trump is gone.

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