Nicolle Wallace Terrifies Republicans By Explaining What Obama’s Return Means For The GOP

Nicolle Wallace explained that Republicans should be afraid because Obama’s return will wake up his coalition of Democratic and Independent voters.


After playing a clip of Obama saying how presidents should denounce neo-Nazis, Wallace said, “Good God, Trump makes you miss everyone that came before him. Obama’s return to the campaign trail is sure to fan the flames of Donald Trump’s inferiority complex. Trump was trying to brush off Obama’s return with an insult.”

Wallace showed Trump’s lame attempt at an insult, and said, “Actually it’s more likely that Obama’s presence on the campaign trail will wake up his coalition of democratic and independent voters, but there is ample time to test that theory.”

What Obama’s Return Means

Obama’s presence automatically makes Donald Trump look worse. The previous president doesn’t have to say a word. Obama is now a reminder of what the country was like when it had sane, drama free, intelligent, and competent leadership. One doesn’t have to agree with Obama on everything to see that the country was in much safer hands when he was in the Oval Office. George W. Bush inspires the same kind of reaction in many swing voters. You don’t have to like or agree with Bush, but no one ever questioned his love for his country while he was in office.

Obama’s return means that all of those Obama voters who held their noses and voted for Trump in 2016 are more likely to come back to the Democratic Party in 2018. Obama has a coalition of voters that didn’t directly transfer to Hillary Clinton in 2016, but they are already fired up, and the former president will have them ready to go in 2018.

Barack Obama is the man that Republicans could never beat, and now he has returned to lead voters in an election for the purpose of putting a check on Donald Trump.

Republicans are already reeling, and now Obama has them terrified.

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