Trump Offers Pathetic Response To Obama Speech

Trump’s response to President Obama’s call to action against his agenda and behavior was pathetic and a strong signal that Republicans are heading for slaughter in November.


Trump said, “And he said, what did you think of President Obama’s speech? And I said I’m sorry. I watched it, but I fell asleep. I found he is very good, very good for sleeping. I think he was trying to take some credit. He was trying to take credit for this incredible thing happening to our country. If the Democrats got — I have to say this to President Obama. And it wasn’t him, but it would have been the same thing. If the Democrats got in with their agenda in November of almost two years ago, instead of having 4.2 up, I believe honestly you would have 4.2 down. You would be negative. You would be in negative numbers right now. You would be in negative numbers. ”

Trump Responded To Obama’s Brilliance With Baby Talk

Trump’s response that he “fell asleep” was supposed to be a personal jab at Obama for not being entertaining, but knowing what we know now from people inside his own White House what the mentally unstable president was saying was Baby Donald needed a nappy. Obama offered intelligence, motivation, and inspiration. Trump responded with baby talk that was the childish gibberish of an emotionally and intellectually ill-equipped human being.

If Republicans are planning on Trump rescuing them, they’re doomed

Trump’s response to the strong message of Obama was pathetic. If this what Republicans are hoping will save them in November, they are doomed. Compared to Obama, Trump looked low energy and worn out. Trump isn’t going to be able to save the Republican Party. It is clear that he doesn’t have the energy, strength, or political standing for such an epic challenge.

Barack Obama is back, and his presence is highlighting how weak and infirm Trump really is.

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