Gold Star Father Khizir Khan Unloads And Calls Trump An Incompetent Loudmouth Bully

Gold Star father Khizir Khan unloaded on Trump during an interview on MSNBC about the administration’s refusal to allow immigrants into the United States.


Khan said:

Well, there’s a larger issue involved here. We have an incompetent loudmouth bully in the office of the president. To whom we stood. And we still believe and have faith in our constitution, the goodness of America, and the rule of law, and the rule of law shall prevail albeit this administration’s assaults on the communities. The rule of law will prevail and shall prevail.

Their race to crowd the Supreme Court. They’re selecting and then pushing the nomination without transparency in the case that they see that this will not last too long. Administrations come and go. Presidents come and go. Majorities come and go. But the legacy remains. And the republican of the legacy had been that they have an assault, they have committed and they continue to launch assault on immigrants and vulnerable communities against the advice of the leaders in the national security, that these communities are no threat to America’s security. We have saddened, we are saddened to see their appreciation of the communities to the well-being of the United States. And it should not last too long. We are hopeful come the 6th of November, the first stop to stop this craziness. This illegal, illogical assault on the American values, American compassion, American constitution, American rule of law, will be stopped. And thereafter, thereafter it is obligatory on each and every American to elect and select better leaders. We have seen that we selected and then we elected a bully and incompetent to the presidency.

On November 6, it is time to take our country back. Not for Democrats or Republicans, but for every decent American.

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