Malcolm Nance Fires Warning Shot: Kavanaugh Would Bring About The ‘Destruction’ Of SCOTUS

Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance fired a warning shot on Saturday and blasted the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, saying it’s clearly an effort by Donald Trump rig the highest court in the land.

During a discussion on AM Joy, Nance said putting Kavanaugh on the court would mark the beginning of the end of the judicial branch and turn it into yet another corrupt protector of Trump.

“Donald Trump is trying to create a Supreme Court that will get him off,” Nance warned. “It is the beginning of the destruction of the third branch of government.”


Nance said:

Donald Trump is trying to create a Supreme Court that will get him off. He has always operated this way. Rigging the system, you know, packing the Supreme Court with someone who won’t recuse himself if the question of Trump and Russia comes up. That’s absolutely fascinating. And the worst part is it is the beginning of the destruction of the third branch of government. We’ve already seen the executive has already been corrupted. The Congress has been corrupted. And now if the Supreme Court is done, we’re just a third world potentate.

Trump is trying to turn America into a third-world authoritarian country

As Malcolm Nance said on Saturday, we are at a pivotal moment in American history. The president of the United States – with the help of a spineless Republican Party – is trying to rig the Supreme Court to protect himself.

Certainly, Brett Kavanaugh’s extremist views on everything from abortion rights to health care to the environment are disqualifying in their own right – but his position that the president of the United States is essentially above the law is the most dangerous.

Throughout the sham Senate hearings, Kavanaugh has refused to answer basic questions about executive branch power, like whether a president is allowed to pardon himself or if he has to respond to a subpoena to testify.

As Nance pointed out on Saturday, Kavanaugh also wouldn’t say whether he would recuse himself from the Russia probe – an investigation looking into whether Trump committed conspiracy and obstruction crimes.

If lawmakers in both parties want to preserve whatever judicial independence the Supreme Court has left, they will reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.