Trump Blows A Gasket After Getting Destroyed By Bob Woodward On Live Television

Bob Woodward took apart Trump and called the president at war with the truth and detached from what is going on. Trump responded with an epic gasket blowing tantrum.

Video of Bob Woodward on Today:


Woodward said, “There’s a war on truth by him. And he says these are unnamed sources. But these are not unnamed incidents. Specific people on specific dates. The book opening with Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser in the white house, lifting a document from the president’s desk because he — Cohn worries, as he tells an associate, I have to protect the country because this will unravel a trade deal, which will jeopardize one of the most important intelligence operations we have going on. And the document is reprinted in the book there, and the president is saying, well, if he had known about this, he would have fired Gary Cohn in two seconds. We didn’t know about it because the document was taken.”


The famed journalist said he has never seen a president so detached from reality, ” I’ve never seen an instance when the president is so detached from the reality of what’s going on. In one NSC meeting, a year after Trump was in office, the secondary of defense has to tell him because the president’s complaining about all this money we’re spending on U.S. Forces abroad. James Mattis says to him, we’re doing this to prevent World War III. Now, the idea that the secretary of defense has to tell the president that all of these actions are designed to prevent the ultimate catastrophe and then Mattis goes on and says, you know, if we don’t keep these programs, which are very sensitive, the only deterrent option we have will be the nuclear option.”

Trump responded by proving Bob Woodward’s point


Trump tweeted part of Savannah Guthrie’s question, but not Woodward‘s answer, “But the incidents are not anonymous. It gives a date. It gives a time. Who participates. Most often, the president himself and what he says.”

Woodward also said that the White House officials who are denying the statements that appear in the book are lying.

Trump’s response to Bob Woodward was revealing

Trump couldn’t dispute any of the claims in the book, so he resorted to the standard Trump strategy of attacking the credibility of the source. The nation has seen this regularly with Trump. He attacked the credibility of James Comey, Robert Mueller, the free press, witnesses in the Russia scandal, Michael Cohen. The list is almost endless.

The evidence is mounting that Donald Trump is unfit for office, and the reason why this tantrum matters is that it shows that Trump incapable of rational behavior. The Trump is proof that Trump doesn’t belong in the Oval Office, and the country must come together to get him out.

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