Omarosa Just Proved Trump’s Mental Decline With New White House Tape

Last updated on September 13th, 2018 at 11:34 am

Omarosa released a new tape of Trump wandering into a White House meeting and babbling a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton colluding with Russia.


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: I think Hillary is getting killed now with Russia. The real Russia story is Hillary and collusion. Somebody told me, hope, you told me $9 million they spent on the phony report.

Hope Hicks: Closer to six.

Trump: Yeah. Someone just said, she’s far worse for the country than we thought if she didn’t know her own campaign spent $9. Did you see? Nobody knows who spent it. No, I heard it was nine. I heard this was 5.7. But it’s a law firm and can’t trace it. They trace it. They know this business. They trace it. And yeah. Close to $9 million. I can’t even believe it. The reason a law firm is because this way you don’t have to give any papers. It is definitely illegal from a campaign financing standpoint. So the whole Russia thing, I think, seems to have turned around. What do you think, Sarah?

Sarah Sanders: Absolutely.

Trump’s mental state has been in decline for years

Trump thought last year that by spouting a Hillary Clinton/Russia conspiracy, he was turning the Russia scandal around. The tape also confirms that those who work for Trump, like Sarah Sanders, act as enablers of his crazy conspiracy theories. These conspiracy theories aren’t part of some grand political strategy. Trump really believes them.

Donald Trump isn’t playing dumb or using intentional distraction techniques. He isn’t rational enough to formulate a plan to throw distractions out to the American people.

This is Trump, and Donald Trump is not well.

Omarosa also said that she was not the White House staffer who was taping conversations for protection. There are other tapes out there that were made inside the White House, and what these tapes reveal is that America is being governed by a person who is not mentally well.
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