Trump Makes His Chief Economic Adviser Hold A Press Briefing To Trash Obama

Kevin Hassett, the Chairmen of the Council Of Economic Advisers, held a press briefing at the White House specifically to trash Obama‘s economic record and make Trump look better.


Hassett said:

Again, if you look at the blue line on the left, the first chart is nonresidential fixed investment and the dotted line is the trend and growth rate of that that president trump inherited. For the middle chart is structures or buildings, and that, as you can see, the dotted line is something that’s headed straight down. And the final chart is equipment investment. And that went straight down before president trump was elected. And I think that if anyone were to assert that the capital spending boom that we’re seeing right now was a continuation of the trend that president trump inherited, then, well, you know, they wouldn’t get a high grade in graduate school for that assertion.

The next chart, please? Durable goods orders, capital goods orders, it’s a key part of the economy, and it’s one of the factors that we look at most closely because it characterizes basically the good-paying jobs. The jobs that affects normal Americans, blue-collar Americans. And the first chart is core capital goods orders and the second chart the core capital goods shipments. And if you look at it, the blue, again, shows a clear downward trajectory in billions of dollars and then that trajectory reversed itself completely when president trump was elected. Physical you are going to assert that the current good news is just the extension of a recent trend, then you just simply would be factually incorrect.

The White House Held Its First Press Briefing in 19 Days Because Trump Was Mad At Obama

The White House press briefing was hastily added to the schedule on Monday afternoon, and it puzzled reporters as to why the briefing was added when the White House hadn’t taken questions from the press for nearly three weeks. The answer became obvious when Hassett started to speak. President temper tantrum was upset that Obama called out his economic record, so he made his Chairman of the CEA go on national television to defend him.

The briefing was so that Trump could spread more misinformation about his economic record while trying to trash Obama. Trump needed a pep rally, so the White House held this briefing so that Trump could use the presidency to try to make Obama look bad.

That’s the only reason why the White House finally held a press briefing for the first time in 19 days.