‘You Should Be Afraid’: Rachel Maddow Gives Chilling Response After Reading Woodward Book

Rachel Maddow explained on Monday that investigative journalist Bob Woodward‘s new book ‘Fear’ isn’t just named after the emotion being felt inside the White House right now. Instead, it’s how we all should feel with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

The MSNBC host, who has read most of the book scheduled to be released tomorrow, said ‘Fear’ should have all Americans concerned about this president’s fitness.

“[Woodward] is basically saying, ‘Hey, listen, the main point here is I’m telling you, you should be afraid,'” Maddow said.


Maddow said:

Now that he is talking about his book in advance of the publication tomorrow, that’s pretty much what he is telling all his interviewers. He is basically saying, ‘Hey, listen, the main point here is I’m telling you, you should be afraid. … So Bob Woodward has started promoting this book ahead of its publication date tomorrow. He is being very clear that what he is trying to do with this book and why he titled it “Fear” is to try to wake up the American people to what he sees as a serious danger that he is reporting about the president.

“People better wake up to what’s going on”

Despite what Donald Trump spews on Twitter, Bob Woodward is not some partisan hack. He has frustrated presidents and supporters of both political parties with his investigative reporting.

But what he is saying loudly and clearly in his latest book is that the Trump White House is different than any other – in a very dangerous way.

“People better wake up to what’s going on,” Woodward said in an interview with CBS this week.

So far, the message may finally be breaking through. Over the past several weeks, Donald Trump‘s poll numbers have taken a big hit, likely in part due to Woodward‘s book, the shameful White House response to John McCain‘s death and, of course, the anonymous op-ed written by a senior administration official.

With any luck, all of this an indication that the American people are finally starting to realize what a clear and president danger this president represents.

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