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Here is Proof That Perjurer Kavanaugh Should Not Be On the Supreme Court

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Lisa Graves believes that Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached, not promoted to the Supreme Court. And she should know. When working in the U.S. Senate she wrote the memos that Kavanaugh has repeatedly lied about.

Writing in Slate Magazine

, Graves revealed how her personal history overlapped with Kavanaugh’s:

“Newly released emails show that while he was working to move through President George W. Bush’s judicial nominees in the early 2000s, Kavanaugh received confidential memos, letters, and talking points of Democratic staffers stolen by GOP Senate aide Manuel Miranda. That includes research and talking points Miranda stole from the Senate server after I had written them for the Senate Judiciary Committee as the chief counsel for nominations for the minority. Receiving those memos and letters alone is not an impeachable offense.”

“No, Kavanaugh should be removed because he was repeatedly asked under oath as part of his 2004 and 2006 confirmation hearings for his position on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit about whether he had received such information from Miranda, and each time he falsely denied it.”

Also, when Kavanaugh last week was asked by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) to answer whether he lied under oath, he knowingly lied about it again. How can the Senate confirm a Supreme Court nominee when there is proof he has repeatedly committed perjury?

The emails Kavanaugh exchanged before his appointment to the court of appeals have been released and they warned Kavanaugh not to distribute talking points from the Democrats on the committee.

“If these were documents shared from the Democratic side of the aisle as part of normal business, as Kavanaugh claimed to have believed in his most recent testimony, why would they be labeled ‘not for distribution?’” Graves wrote. “And why would we share our precise strategy to fight controversial Republican nominations with the Republicans we were fighting?”

She also said  that one email included the subject line “spying,” which was a very definitive clue.

“Even if Kavanaugh could claim that he didn’t have any hint at the time he received the emails that these documents were of suspect provenance—which I personally find implausible—there is no reasonable way for him to assert honestly that he had no idea what they were after the revelation of the theft,” Graves said. “Any reasonable person would have realized they had been stolen, and certainly, someone as smart as Kavanaugh would have too.”


Graves was on the Rachel Maddow show talking about her article in Slate, and said she is very upset that even though Kavanaugh lied he’s about to become a Supreme Court Justice. Graves told Maddow she was pleased to see so many people learning the facts now, as the hearings were rushed forward.

“And so many documents have not been seen. In fact, 100,000 pages or more have not been seen,” she warned. “But from the documents that have been provided, including documents that came out just last week, it’s clear that Manuel Miranda provided documents, talking points, materials that were taken from, stolen from democratic staff, and he gave them to him during this incredibly intense fight over George W. Bush’s judicial nominees.”

She went on to say that the memos were some she personally did research for.

“And so one of the memos I know personally contains page after page, paragraph after paragraph of my research, the research I prepared for Sen. Patrick Leahy, research on the most intense fight we were having about the nomination which involved the legal precedents, the historical precedents for the memos that the Senate Democrats have requested,” Graves continued.


She said that Miranda then handed everything over to Kavanaugh.

“And so I am convinced by that and some of the other documents provided that Brett Kavanaugh lied repeatedly under oath to the United States Senate about these matters,” she said. “Also for the integrity of the United States Senate itself.”

Here is the proof the U.S. Senate needs to stop the Kavanaugh nomination. A serial perjurer should not be on the Supreme Court. Now the Senate Judiciary must take action to prevent this travesty of justice from happening.

Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached from his current position and prosecuted for his crimes, not promoted to the highest court in the land.

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