Rachel Maddow And Bob Woodward Expose The Fatal Flaw That Dooms Trump To Failure

Rachel Maddow and Bob Woodward discussed Trump‘s fatal flaw of being closed minded to new information and refusing to accept anything that differs with his views.


Maddow said, “I feel like as a citizen, I am less worried about a president who is wrong than I am worried about a president who is sort of wrong in the head. And I don’t mean to say that in a snarky way. The president having — being ignorant about certain things or having bad policy ideas or being unable to learn things quickly is worrying, that you would want somebody more capable in the but there are suggestions that it’s worse than that. At one point you say the president is emotionally overwrought, mercurial and unpredictable. I worry in particular about the emotionally overwrought part of it. Do you mean by that he is out of control?”

Woodward replied, “No. I mean by when confronted with evidence. For instance, there is a scene in the book where he starts talking about the World Trade Organization, which is an organization that actually gives us great leverage if is unfair trade practice in the world. And he said this is the worst organization in the world and the advisers who are experts in there saying no. And Trump says, well, we lose our cases there. And they bring out the document, no, we win 85.7% of the cases, not just 85%, but 85.7. And Trump says no, that’s not true. And they said bring in your trade representative. Call him. Ask him. Trump said I don’t want to. I won’t do that.

He closes his mind to the information that makes it possible for the president to weigh argues and data. And there is one point where he is literally saying — they’re saying where did you get these ideas? I’ve had them for 30 years. That’s it. You’re wrong. That’s it. Now that’s got to — if you are the most ardent trump supporter, that has got to give you pause that the white house and the government are being managed this way.”

Trump will always fail, because he never learns

The problem isn’t that Trump is not as smart as he believes himself to be, although this is true. The fatal flaw in Trump is that he refuses to learn. It is why he repeats the same lies and false statistics over and over again. Trump is uncorrectable because he believes these false statements and he believes that he is correct all of the time.

A president that rejects information is a president who is ignorant by choice.

Trump has failed as president, and he is going to continue to fail. He refuses to adapt, learn, and grow.

Donald Trump is never going to get better at this job. He is never going to “become presidential.” Trump is going to continue to fail and take the rest of country with him until he is either voted or tossed out of office.

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