The White House Ignores Trump And Isn’t Trying To Find Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Author

As Trump rants and raves, the White House is telling reporters that there is no broad effort to find the person who wrote the anonymous op-ed about the inside the administration resistance against Trump.


NBC News’ Kristen Welker reported, “I was speaking to officials about it just today, and they said that there is no robust effort broadly within the administration to try to determine who wrote it, but there is no doubt that it’s of concern to the president.”

Trump’s own White House is ignoring him

This is an example of the two-track presidency that was referenced in The New York Times op-ed. Trump blows a fuse and demands that the op-ed author is found. Trump wants the Department of Justice to investigate. He sent out Sarah Sanders to tell the Justice Department to look into it, but it is discovered less than a day later that the White House isn’t really investigating who wrote the piece.

The administration is letting the president tantrum in the corner, or in the case of Trump on Twitter until something else grabs his attention and he moves on to ranting that.

It appears that Trump has already moved on as he has returned to attacking the FBI and DOJ on the national day of mourning for the victims of 9/11.

The United States doesn’t have a president who is in charge

The message here is that the president is not being taken seriously within his own administration. Trump is dangerous to the country and the world because he has an immense amount of power as president, but never has the country faced a situation where a president’s own administration ignores or defies his orders.

Unless the op-ed writer comes forward on their own, they probably aren’t going to be found, because the White House isn’t even bothering to look.
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