Trump Cancels Visit To Ireland After The Irish Make It Clear That He’s Not Welcome

Trump is postponing his trip to Ireland as massive protests were being planned and Irish officials say they weren’t looking forward to his visit.

Sarah Sanders refused to confirm that the trip was off:

However, Irish officials were breathing a sigh of relief:

Trump canceled because of planned Irish protests

The Guardian reported, “A number of groups announced they would stage protests during the Trump visit, in which the president had been expected to visit the capital Dublin and his golf resort in the west coast village of Doonbeg.”

The Trump administration told the Irish government that they were canceling for “scheduling reasons,” but the real reason why Trump isn’t coming is the scheduled protests. There is also the not so small matter of Democrats winning back the House less than a week earlier and potentially investigating Trump‘s billing of taxpayers for his planned stay at his own golf club in Ireland.
Trump had postponed visits to foreign countries in the past when protests were planned, so it isn’t a surprise that he would refuse to go to Ireland if they are going to protest him.

The people of Ireland won. They didn’t want Trump, so he isn’t going to show up.

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