Bill Nye Explains Why Climate Change Is To Blame For The Severity Of Hurricane Florence

Bill Nye explained on MSNBC that climate change is making hurricanes like Florence more severe because of increased ocean temperature.


Nye explained:

It’s going to be troublesome. In English units, there’s going to be 20 inches of rain and in some a lot more than that. I just want everybody to remember what an inch of rain is. An inch is a cubic inch of water over a square inch of surface. That would be a cubic inch. Imagine this much water where ever you are. This much extra water in your living room where you’re watching television or trying to play basketball.

This much water causes all kinds of trouble. Furthermore, the storms in the northern hemisphere are going counterclockwise. They fetch water up off the sea you add this much to about four times this much and this is what leads to all this trouble, and the reason people in mainstream science associate a storm like this climate change is because the sea surface is one-degree Celsius warmer than it was 30 years ago, and it reckoned in the longer term since the steam engine was invented it’s two and half three degrees Celsius, three degrees Farenheight warmer that it would have been thirty years ago, and this energy, this heat energy in the ocean drives these storms.

I look forward to the hate tweets. It’s going to be great about how a guy who took a lot of physics can’t read graph. This is not in anybody’s best interest to continue to deny climate change.

Climate Change impacts severe weather events

Climate change doesn’t create severe weather, contrary to what Fox News likes to claim when they use a warm winter day to deny science. Climate change makes weather events more severe for the reasons that Nye described. Bill Nye was right. It is no one’s best interest, unless you are in the fossil fuel industry, to deny climate change.

Climate change didn’t cause Hurrican Florence, but it is going to make the storm, the damage, and the potential for the loss of life, much worse.

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