Cory Booker Drops More Confidential Documents That Bust Kavanaugh For Lying Under Oath

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker isn’t letting up in his ongoing effort to bring transparency to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

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The Democratic senator released more “committee confidential”  documents on Wednesday exposing that Kavanaugh lied during a Senate Judiciary Committee testimony. The new emails released by the Senator bring the total number of released documents to 75.

According to a news release from Booker’s office, “The emails reveal that Kavanaugh’s involvement in the [controversial federal judge Charles Pickering’s] nomination was significant and far-reaching, calling into question how truthful he was in 2006 testimony he gave to the Senate Judiciary Committee, in which he seemed to indicate he wasn’t substantively involved in the Pickering nomination.”

Sen. Booker said, “These latest documents raise more serious and concerning questions about Judge Kavanaugh’s honesty before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s clear that Kavanaugh was far more involved than he previously claimed with the nomination of a controversial federal judge who once defended a state law banning interracial marriage and campaigned for an avowed segregationist.”

The Democratic senator added that the newly released documents show that Kavanaugh “misled the Senate Judiciary Committee during his prior testimony,” which is a “grave and worrisome prospect given the fact that Judge Kavanaugh is up for a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest court with the potential to change American law for decades to come.”

Republicans don’t want the American people to see these documents

The Republicans, watching the Trump presidency unravel and smelling a midterm disaster in November, are rushing to confirm Kavanaugh. That’s why they are moving to cover up the judge’s past.

As Sen. Booker said, “It’s unacceptable that Republicans have chosen to shroud Kavanaugh’s record in secrecy and keep a significant portion of his background – roughly 90 percent – hidden from public view.”

Luckily, Democratic senators like Cory Booker are fighting to expose this dangerous Supreme Court nominee before it’s too late.

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