Democrats Could Win The Senate As 5 New Polls Are All Within The Margin Of Error


The Republican freakout will only grow as Fox News released polls of the Senate races in Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, Tennessee, and Arizona, and each race is within the margin of error.

Here are the numbers in Arizona:

Here is how the Senate race looks in Tennessee:


The race in Indiana is tight as well:

In North Dakota, Republicans are doing what they expected:

Missouri is also a nail-biter:

These Polls Are Encouraging For Democrats And Depressing For Republicans

These Senate contests are all being held in states that Trump won by double digits in 2016. Republicans have been targeting the Democratic-held seats in North Dakota, Indiana, and Missouri since Trump took office. The Senate race in Tennessee was expected to be a Republican walkover, but it has proven to be a real challenge after Democrats chose a popular former governor as their nominee.

If Republicans can’t flip any of the Democratic-held seats, and they lose even one of the open currently held Republican seats, their Senate majority will be in danger.

The message from these polls is that the battle for the Senate is tight. The fight for control of the Senate could be closer than the fight for the House. Democrats may have a real shot at taking back the Senate. Republicans are underperforming in states that Trump won easily.

The Senate is in play, which is why every Democratic voter needs to get energized and ready to use their vote to show Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the door in less than two months.

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