Michael Avenatti Rains Hell On Tucker Carlson For Defending ‘Creepy Porn President’ Trump

Michael Avenatti completely destroyed Tucker Carlson on Thursday when the Fox News hack tried to ditch the arranged topics of discussion and undermine the entire interview with condescending attacks and right-wing conspiracy theories.

When Carlson accused the Obama administration of spying on the Trump campaign – all while the Fox News graphics department had “Creepy Porn Lawyer” plastered on the chyron – Avenatti went off.

“Why is it that you don’t call Donald Trump the creepy porn president?” Avenatti asked. “He’s the one that had sex with a four-month-old son at home with my client without a condom.”

Not only did Avenatti smack down Carlson‘s hypocrisy, but he got the Fox News blowhard to acknowledge that, yes, Trump had an affair with a porn star while his baby son and wife were at home.

The key part of the exchange takes place at the 1:30 mark:

Michael Avenatti has made it his mission to bulldoze Trump

Few people have been a bigger thorn in Donald Trump‘s side since he took office than Michael Avenatti. His performance on Tucker Carlson‘s show Thursday is an example of why.

He knew going into Trump territory at Fox News would be a challenge – and Carlson and the network attempted to undermine the entire interview from the very start – but he ended up making Tucker Carlson squirm in his seat by exposing the womanizing president that he and his network defend every day.

If Avenatti takes the fight to Trump the same way he took it to Fox News on Thursday night, he could be a formidable force in the 2020 Democratic primary campaign.

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