Brett Kavanaugh Referred For Federal Investigation By Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) issued a cryptic statement to PoliticusUSA that she has referred Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to federal authorities for investigation.

Feinstein said in a statement, “I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.”

According to The Intercept, the matter in question is an incident that happened between Kavanaugh and a woman when he was in high school, “Different sources provided different accounts of the contents of the letter, and some of the sources said they themselves had heard different versions, but the one consistent theme was that it describes an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman while they were in high school. Kept hidden, the letter is beginning to take on a life of its own…..The woman who is the subject of the letter is now being represented by Debra Katz, a whistleblower attorney who works with #MeToo survivors. Joseph Abboud, an attorney at Katz’s firm, said that the firm was declining to comment.”

What A Federal Investigation Of Kavanaugh Means

Without knowing the specifics of the letter, it appears that there a potential sexual misconduct/potential crime involving Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee. Sen. Feinstein chose her words carefully, and she has honored the wishes of the woman involved in the incident by not making the letter public.

It is clear now why Republicans are trying to speed the Kavanaugh nomination through to confirmation. Brett Kavanaugh has some potentially very dark skeletons in his closet, and if Republicans, especially Republican women, vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, they will have to live with the consequences of their actions for years to come.

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