Ivanka Trump Is Worried That Her Daddy Is Going To Be Impeached

Ivanka Trump is worried that her father is going to be impeached as the situation at the White House has deteriorated to a new low.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

A CNN poll released this week showed Trump’s approval rating plummeting to 36 percent. With the midterm elections less than two months away, the West Wing is girding for Republicans to lose the House and even the Senate, sources said. Ivanka Trump is even worried about impeachment, a source close to her told me. “It’s just horrible,” a former White House official said.

If Trump Gets Impeached, The Family Business Is History

The Trump brand has already taken a beating from Trump‘s unpopularity and failed presidency. If it weren’t for his pilfering off of the taxpayers and using the White House for financial gain, the Trump family might already be hurting. Ivanka Trump should be worried. If her dad goes down in a flaming ball of impeachment, it won’t just be his political career that is toast. Trump is also going to take the family business, which is the Trump brand name down with him.

If the family business crashes and burns, the Trump kids, at least the ones who don’t end up doing time, will have nothing. The Trump business is being a Trump. If that is no longer lucrative, the Trumps are screwed.

Trump Impeachment Feels Inevitable

Trump impeachment feels more like a when than an if. The best thing that could happen to the Republican Party would be if Trump announced that he is not running for a second term, but since he is robbing the taxpayers blind and the presidency might be the only thing saving him from being indicted, Donald Trump will never step down or resign.

Trump is going to have to be impeached, and Ivanka Trump is right to worry because impeachment is looking increasingly like Donald Trump‘s destiny.

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