Trump Is Declining Fast As He Is Paranoid And Not Sleeping

Trump‘s own family is warning that he is paranoid and not sleeping in the surest signal yet that the president is mentally declining fast.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reported:

But Trump’s anger over Woodward’s book is dwarfed by his continuing fixation on the anonymous New York Times op-ed. Sources told me Trump is “obsessed,” “lathered,” and “freaked out” that the leaker is still in his midst. His son Don Jr. has told people he’s worried Trump isn’t sleeping because of it, a source said. Meetings have been derailed by Trump’s suspicion. “If you look at him the wrong way, he’ll spend the next hour thinking you wrote it,” a Republican close to the White House said. Much of what’s fueling Trump’s paranoia is that he has no clear way to identify the author. One adviser said Trump has instructed aides to call the anonymous author a “coward” in public to shame him or her. “He’s going to continue to shame this person,” a person close to Trump said. “The author will break under pressure or will eventually say, ‘fuck it, it’s me.’” Plans to administer polygraph tests to staff have seemingly died. “Nobody knows who it is,” a former official said.

In the same story, Ivanka Trump was worried that her father was going to be impeached.

These Are Trump’s Own Children Expressing Concern About His Well Being

Sherman’s story reads a giant alarm bell about Trump‘s mental state. These aren’t some unquoted sources, but reporting that the president’s own children are worried about his health. Trump is paranoid, sleepless, and declining rapidly. One look at the lack of public events on Trump‘s schedule also sends a strong signal about the president’s well being.

The White House is hiding Trump from the American people.

Outside of friendly media outlets, and either tightly scripted speeches and rambling rallies, Trump has had next to no public events at the White House for weeks.

Trump‘s statements are some brilliant distraction strategy. The president is not well. It is time for the American people to accept this reality and vote accordingly in November.

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