Manafort Plea Deal Includes Cooperation Agreement & Asset Forfeitures

We are following live reports from the Paul Manafort hearing via Twitter. More updates will be added as they occur.

There has been some very important breaking news during this hearing, such as:

“Prosecutors say Paul Manafort‘s plea deal includes 17 page cooperation agreement.”

This is not the only important news coming out of the hearing, which has seen Paul Manafort plead guilty to federal criminal charges.

Early, the judge said this:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson running through the charges that Manafort will plead to. Says counts in Va. case will be dismissed that jury could not agree on.”

And apparently pleading guilty is not a “get out of jail free” card.

They will not discuss bond today, so it appears Manafort will remain jailed.”


“Manafort answers “I do” when judge asks him he knows what charges he is pleading guilty to in D.C.”

“Do you still want to plead guilty in this case?” Judge asks after lengthy set of questions about charges and rights. Manafort: “I do.”

So here is what the federal prosecutors have said:

  1. Prosecutor: “Mr. Manafort led a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign at the behest of Ukraine” and did not file proper notifications.
  2. Prosecutor: Mr. Manafort dissuaded company from filing paperwork that they were working as a foreign agent.
  3. Prosecutor: Manafort retained group of 4 European heads of state to lobby in the United States on behalf of Ukraine (Hapsburg group). They appeared to be given independent assessments of Ukraine, but were being paid by Ukraine.
  4. Prosecutor: In 2013, member of Hapsburg group member lobbied on behalf of Ukraine and traveled to Oval Office to meet with President and Vice President
  5. Prosecutor: Manafort orchestrated campaign to leak law firm report on Ukraine to a major unnamed newspaper and then used the article to lobby on behalf of Ukraine.
  6. Prosecutor: Manafort paid $4.6M for report from law firm that became “lobbying tool.” Wired money from offshore account to pay for it. Was only reported as costing $12,000.
  7. Prosecutor: Manafort personally met with a member of Congress who had oversight of Ukraine relationship. Then prepared a report on meeting that was sent to Yanukovych.
  8. Prosecutor: Mr. Gates and Mr. Manafort caused false letters to be submitted to DOJ through their (unwitting) attorneys. Letters said DMI’s meetings did not include meetings in US and DMI did not have documents to share with authorities.
  9. Prosecutor: Manafort actually had incriminating documents in possession that were later found during search of his Va. home.
  10. As prosecutor runs through evidence of crimes, Paul Manafort sits nearby with hands folded on his lap. No reaction or sign of emotion on his face.
  11. Prosecutor: Manafort surrendering numerous homes/apartments in New York and money in bank accounts as part of plea deal.
  12. Prosecutor: Manafort reached out to people through Konstantin Kilimnik to try to influence witnesses who were slated to testify against him.
  13. Prosecutor has now finished recitation of evidence. Manafort and his attorney are approaching lectern.
  14. Manafort on whether lengthy list of evidence presented against him was correct: “I did. It is.”
  15. Judge is now running through plea agreement again, making sure Manafort understands it.
  16. Perhaps a bit of irony on behalf of the Special Counsel: Paul Manafort will be forced to give up his Trump Tower apartment in New York.
  17. Judge says Manafort will not be sentenced today.
  18. Manafort agreed to cooperate “fully and truthfully” with Mueller‘s office.
  19. Judge says Manafort will be detained at least until sentencing.
  20. Judge asks one last time whether Manafort wants to go to trial or plead guilty. Manafort: “I plead guilty.”
  21. Hearing over.

Concerning forfeiture of Manafort’s assets, reports say that as part of his guilty plea agreement the former Trump campaign chairman will forfeit four homes: three in New York and one in Virginia. He will also forfeit to the government a life insurance policy and four accounts at different financial institutions. According to New York Magazine, the total value of assets he is forfeiting is $46 million.