Paul Manafort’s Flip Is A Disaster For Mike Pence

Paul Manafort hand-picked Mike Pence to be Trump‘s VP nominee, so Manafort’s flip could be very bad news for the vice president.

Laurence Tribe tweeted:

Mike Pence also has a Russia problem

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Russia scandal is the central role that Vice President Pence played in the campaign and transition. MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow has been hammering away that the Pence role in the Russia scandal for more than a year.

Maddow said, “Vice President Mike Pence has made a number of blunt, direct false statements related to the Trump Russia investigation both during the transition and since he was vice president. When controversy started to swirl around Mike Flynn because of his foreign contacts, Mike Pence bluntly asserted that the Trump transition did not apply for a security clearance for Mike Flynn’s son. They had actually applied for a security clearance for Mike Flynn’s son. After the president fired the FBI Director, Mike Pence bluntly asserted that the decision to fire James Comey was based on a recommendation from the Deputy Attorney General. The President himself and reportedly the Deputy Attorney General himself now today have both made clear that that was not the reason James Comey was fired.”

Rep. Adam Schiff has explained why Pence is going down with Trump in the Russia scandal.

There Is A Manafort/Pence Connection

People like Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort know how involved Pence was in any potential activities with Russia. The nation is concentrating on how bad Manafort’s flip and cooperation is for Trump, but don’t ignore that each flip is bad for Mike Pence. The vice president isn’t going to escape this scandal unscathed. If Trump goes down, Mike Pence is going with him.

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