Trump Goes Into Hiding After Paul Manafort Flips


Trump has vanished with no public appearances, or comments, as his Twitter account is only retweeting info about Hurricane Florence after Manafort flipped.

Trump‘s Twitter account, which is run by White House staffers who try to tweet like Trump when he is not online has been acting like Manafort’s flip doesn’t exist:


No one believes for a second that if Trump was really on Twitter that he would have the personal restraint not to talk about Manafort flipping. These tweets aren’t coming from Trump, who just yesterday was described as increasingly paranoid, and not sleeping.

The only statements to come out have been similar tales from both Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Sanders claiming that the Manafort flip has nothing to do with Trump.

Paul Manafort Flipped And Trump Is Hiding

A president that is on the verge of cracking up, based on universal media reporting, has gone dark after his former campaign chairman flipped and started cooperating with the Special Counsel investigation.

The blow-up is coming. Trump is not going to be able to stay off of Twitter, and while it is too late for him to pardon Manafort, don’t be surprised if he makes a move to close down the Mueller investigation. The unstable president is hiding at the moment, but if recent history has taught us anything, it is that Trump can’t and won’t stay quiet for very long.

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