Mentally Destroyed Trump Is Holed Up, Watching Fox News, And Tweeting About Obama


One tweet from Trump showed that the in hiding president is holed up, watching Fox News, and insanely jealous of Obama.

Trump tweeted:

One Tweet Says A Great Deal About What Is Going On With Trump


Trump unleashed a few tweets where he is seething about the accurate death toll in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Trump is also mentally wrecked by Paul Manafort’s flip. He is depressed and holed up in front of his television. Trump is watching Fox News comfort and crying to himself about how unfair the media is to him.

Trump has already been described as obsessed with the anonymous NYT op-ed author from within his administration. Trump‘s own son Donald Jr. is worried because his father is not sleeping and growing more paranoid by the day.

The President Of The United States Went Into Hiding After Manafort Flipped

Trump responded to Manafort flipping by going into even deeper hiding.

It has gotten so bad that the White House called a lid, which means that there will be no more activity for the day, at 10:45 AM on Saturday:

Trump is wrecked. He is sitting in the White House. He probably hasn’t left the residence. Trump is comforting himself by watching the propaganda on Fox News and complaining about how much better Obama had it than he does.

The White House can hide Trump from public view, but they can’t hide the reality that Donald Trump is unraveling.

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