Republicans Are Refusing To Vote Because They Believe The Blue Wave Is ‘Fake News’

Internal polling from GOP strategists is revealing a massive problem for their party. Republicans are not interested in voting, because they believe the blue wave is ‘fake news.’

The New York Times reported:
America First Action, a political committee aligned with Mr. Trump, conducted a series of focus groups over the summer and concluded the party had a severe voter-turnout problem, brought on in part by contentment about the economy and a refusal by Republicans to believe that Democrats could actually win the midterm elections.

Conservative-leaning voters in the study routinely dismissed the possibility of a Democratic wave election, with some describing the prospect as “fake news,” said an official familiar with the research, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the data was not intended to be disclosed. Breaking that attitude of complacency is now the Republicans’ top priority, far more than wooing moderates with gentler messaging about economic growth.

Republicans Are Following Trump Down The Fake News Rabbit Hole Delusion

Trump has been telling his cult of followers that the blue wave is fake news and that a red wave is coming to save them in November. The truth is that there is no evidence of a red wave. There is a mountain of election data proving that Democratic voter enthusiasm is very high and that Republicans have trouble getting their voters to show up on election day.

Oddly, the Republican rush to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is hurting the GOP within their own party, because it takes away one of the few remaining issues that their voters care about. Trump has created a culture of laziness and complacency in the party. Republicans totally lack motivation.

There is nothing fake about how or why Democrats are doing so well in 2018. Historically speaking, the party out of power traditionally does well in midterm elections. When one adds on a multiplier effect due to Trump‘s historic levels of unpopularity, it is easy to see why Democrats are primed for a big year.

Trump is sinking his own party under a sea of BS, and if Republican voters continue to buy it, the blue wave will crush them in November.

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