Adam Schiff: Trump Is Terrified That Manafort Is Cooperating

Rep, Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Trump and his lawyers are terrified that Paul Manafort is cooperating with Robert Mueller.


Transcript via Meet The Press:


Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, has said that Manafort is not disqualified, that’s the word he used, from a pardon. Rudy Giuliani also confirmed that Manafort’s legal team and the president’s legal team had a sharing agreement of sorts. What do you make of the pardon, of Rudy Giuliani still dangling the idea of a pardon out there?


Well, clearly the Trump team is terrified about what Manafort may have to say.


That’s how you view it? That this is about fear of Manafort?


Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Now they may think they know what Manafort has to say because he was part of that joint defense agreement. But they have to know that he may not have told them the full truth. And so they’re terrified of what he has to say. Now I’m surprised, I think like you are, that we are where we are, that Manafort is cooperating.

Trump Has Been Warned Not To Pardon Manafort

Adam Schiff has already warned Trump not to pardon Manafort, but Rudy Giuliani keeps dangling the prospect of a pardon out there as a way to try to keep Manafort quiet. Trump has said nothing about Manafort since he flipped, which is striking when compared to the way that the president has attacked other potential witnesses who began cooperating.

Trump is scared. His only tweet on the matter was a repeat of his conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is the real colluder.

Rep. Schiff nailed it. Trump is scared of what Manafort knows and what he is going to tell Mueller. Manafort is the domino that Mueller needed to connect the dots and take down Trump.

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