Susan Collins Called For Al Franken To Resign But Won’t Rule Out Voting For Kavanaugh

Here’s your daily hypocrisy alert. I mean, the Republican Party no longer stands for anything so this is a pointless exercise because not only do they not stand for anything (say hello to the deficit they almost doubled in a year after spending eight years threatening the country because they cared about deficits so much) but they shamelessly do not care that they are hypocrites.

So this is only for those who are still selling themselves as “moderates.” Hi, Senator Collins.

Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) called for Sen Franken’s (D-MN) resignation. Al Franken was accused of much less than Kavanaugh is. He had multiple accusers, but the accusations were not as troubling in nature. I did not defend him then and not doing it now. But it wasn’t as serious as shoving someone into a room, holding them down, trying to take their clothes off to rape them and covering their mouth while they screamed. If anyone is in doubt of this, have someone cover your mouth for a few minutes while attacking you and get back to me.

When this went down with Al Franken, Collins called for him to resign.

“Maine’s U.S. senators and 23 Democratic senators called on Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota, to resign on Wednesday amid a fresh allegation in what a fellow senator called a “clear pattern” of sexual misconduct… Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, told CNN that “it would be best for the Senate” if Franken ‘followed the advice of his Democratic colleagues.'”

That’s right. His own party wanted him to step down because Democrats try to walk their talk when it comes to women these days, unlike Republicans who keep telling us there is no war on women, while they refuse to fund the violence against women act, elect a sexual predator to the White House, have a track record of horrible comments when it comes to rape, recently ran a Roy Moore for Senate who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager, and now they want to rush through yet another sexual predator to the Supreme Court.

Collins also said the Franken allegations were “credible, disgusting and appalling.”

Susan Collins thought Al Franken wasn’t fit for the Senate after he tried to force a kiss on someone and other accusations of this nature. Again I’m not defending this, but put up next to what Kavanaugh is credibly accused of – the woman accusing Kavanaugh took an FBI lie detector test and passed, on top of other incidents that suggest merit to her claim- the two are not on the same playing field at all.

Yet, Collins has not said she won’t support Kavanaugh.

How is worse sexual behavior fit for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, but she thought a 6 year Senator needed to step down for less.

This, friends, is what we call a failure to be genuine. Collins doesn’t seem to care what Kavanaugh did, she’s going to be a party stooge for Donald Trump – yet another sexual predator – and that makes her claim of being a moderate a total joke.

Meanwhile, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has said he needs to hear from the alleged victim and the credible allegation needs to be investigated. That is what we integrity looks like.

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